Our Organization

H.E.R. DAO is a women-centered developer DAO

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We are a global DAO with regional chapters in Kenya, Korea, India, Singapore, Bali (Indonesia), France, Germany, Spain, Turkey + LATAM including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina


We are building out our decentralised framework which consists of Global stewards, a Regional DAO and an Oversight Committee which serves to protect the DAO. 


Every member of H.E.R. DAO is in the Global DAO. Members can choose to work in one specific area or work globally. 


The local nodes (regional DAOs and chapters) serve to fulfil the mission and mandates of H.E.R. DAO locally. 
Our Mission

‘H.E.R. DAO is a concept - not a barrier. Non-binary, self-identifying people and people who identify as men are welcome. Our harmonizing issue is that we positively affect the lives of the marginalized, and elevate each other to participate in co-creating ethical futures for all’

Our goal is to sustainably diversify the blockchain ecosystem, leading to more versatile, holistic innovations and increased revenue potential.  
Long term, H.E.R. aims to become the leading launchpad for womxn-led blockchain ventures.